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Petra & Dan's Wedding Video at Hedingham Castle

It's never a chore to shoot a wedding, it's always a pleasure, and this was certainly the case back in May when I filmed Petra and Dan's big day at Hedingham Castle in Essex. The sun was shining and the scene was set for a glorious day ahead.

I always arrive super early on the day, just to get everything set up and in place with plenty of time to spare. A good wedding videographer is prepared for anything and always allows extra time for any unexpected surprises.

As I pulled the car up to unload by the ancient Keep I was surprised to find that I wasn't the only one there. A swarm of bees had decided that it looked like a nice place to stop by for a while! They soon settled on one of the high up windows on the side of the Keep and sat there quietly for the rest of the day minding their own business.

The guests started arriving, walking up the long sweeping driveway and they were soon followed by Dan the Groom and then Petra in Hedingham's striking blue Rolls Royce.

The ceremony was beautiful and the Bride and Groom looked amazing.

The day progressed like clockwork as it always does at Hedingham. The staff are truly amazing, you'll be very hard pushed to find a better run wedding venue anywhere in the country.

Photography on the day was taken care of by the splendid Lewis Cabuche. I have worked with Lewis a few times and it is always a pleasure. If you are going to have a wedding videographer and photographer, it's important that they work well together. I always make sure to have a good chat with the photographer before the wedding and reassure them that I'm super discreet and will not get in their way. I always find I get along really well with photographers and Lewis is certainly no exception.

The whole day was just lovely, have a watch of the wedding video highlights film above that I produced for Petra and Dan to get a flavour of it.

I am proud to be a recommended supplier having shot many wedding videos at Hedingham Castle over the years.



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